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Every student dreams of being accepted to her dream school,

yet when application season comes around, 

most of those dreams are clouded by

confusion, procrastination, and half-hearted essays.

But you could be the exception to the rule.

You could be the student who clicks submit with full confidence that her carefully-crafted application showcases exactly why she deserves admission.

I know you aspire to submit flawless applications--and you definitely have the skills to do it--you just need someone to guide you through each step.

You need the advice that will take your application from “put her in the maybe pile” to “best candidate we’ve seen this year”

And that is exactly what I help students accomplish in College Collective.

Hi, I'm Brooklyn!

I love to work beachside with my toes in the sand while I build stress-free college strategies for my students.

I’m an essay-obsessed college counselor who lives for connecting ambitious young women with equally ambitious peers and mentors.

It all starts with getting you unstuck.

Maybe you have writer's block on your personal statement because you have no idea how to interpret those vague essay prompts.

Maybe you’re hiding your passions behind more obvious resume boosters because you’re terrified of showing colleges the real you.

I get it. It’s so exhausting trying to decode the application itself, that when it’s time to start filling it in, you’re burnt out.

But you didn’t spend the last four years checking every box for colleges, only to turn in mediocre applications.

If you found College Collective, it’s because you don’t want to drag your feet across the finish line,

  • You’re ready to take your application attitude from crying-about-it-in-the-shower to of-course-they’ll-accept-me
  • You want to move your timeline from putting-it-off-until-the-deadline to ready-to-submit-yesterday
  • You dream of taking your scholarship potential from maybe-it’ll-cover-books to six-figures-and-counting

I know you’re capable of it, and I’m here to support you every step of the way,

are you ready to commit to your best college applications?

This is what’s waiting for you inside:

●    Receive monthly action plans delivered to your inbox that guide you through each step in the application process

●    Attend weekly online workshops designed to help you optimize your application for acceptance

●    Collaborate with your peers to improve your application and chances for admission and scholarships

●    Learn exactly what colleges are looking for in prospective students and how to get their attention

●    Submit college essays that are unique, memorable, and customized to each college

●    Benefit from structured peer-editing during application season 

●    Connect directly with Brooklyn anytime a college question pops up

●    Meet other students applying for the same majors or to the same schools

●    Get access to bonus resources exclusive to College Collective members

●    Be the first to know about special offers and live events

●    Annual members - get 2 months of membership free!

It’s time to say adios to your application anxiety and introduce yourself to the college community that will set you up for smooth sailing through your senior year!

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